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what sets us apart?

Our dedication to quality and efficiency within new additive manufacturing technologies give our customers many advantages

incredible machines

10 x 14 3DP machines

15 x 20 3DP machine

outstanding materials

Our patent pending powder and binder fluids cut our material cost, so we can pass the savings on to you.

want a tool?

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design expertise

Our experience with production tooling design will be invaluable for your prototype casting to minimize casting process issues.

3-7 day turnaround

Rapid turnover on cope and drag patterns, match plates, and cold core boxes.

printing precision

On all our tooling, we hold ± .10 in or ± .25 mm tolerance.

our experience

25+ years of tooling modeling 

35+ years of pattern making

all this adds up

Better quality, reduced tooling costs, and faster delivery for your casting needs.

about rapid pattern

We at Rapid Pattern take your data and foundry process and incorporate them into our tooling design. After we complete design, we send your models to you for approval to allow for alterations and process improvements. We mix our own patent pending powder and binder fluids to keep the best quality while drastically reducing material cost. Using additive manufacturing simplifies tooling, so that once you approve your design it is printed and post-processed in fewer than 5 days.

Our maufacturing process eliminates problems like setup error, cutter whip, tool length setup, non-cleanup due to block size, and operator error to make our deliveries more reliable than traditionally manufactured tools.

In early 2016, we decided to explore the concept of 3D printing tooling.

Our initial goal was to build prototype tooling with 3D printing, but material costs made competing with current manufacturing processes difficult. With extensive research and development we created our own patent pending materials, enabling us to make 3D printing tooling competitive.

We apply our vast experience in the production tooling industry to better create your protoype tools in a cost effective and timely manner.

Our mission is to create quality tooling at competitive prices with the shortest lead times.

At Rapid Pattern, we are commited to continued exploration and development of materials that will help the casting industry bring product to market faster and cheaper.

our advantages

The newest 3D printing materials have impressive capabilities, but are not competitive against CNC cut tooling due to high material cost.

Ambient temperature printing minimizes thermal stress during manufacture to reduce warp and poor tolerancing.

The surface finish on our 3D printed tooling is comparable to traditionally manufactured tools, with the speed advantage of 3D printed sand.

Our printed tools give you the flexibility to use your own sand, binder, and gating, so that you can replicate production in your prototype phase.

Increased complexity doesn't increase tooling cost. Additional cavities and integrated gating can be included at no additional charge.

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Meet the man behind rapid pattern

Inspired by 40+ years of working in a pattern company, Dave is not only enthusiastic about his work, but is an expert at designing and manufacturing foundry tooling.

Dave started building wood patterns in 1981, migrated to CNC mills in 1985, and went on to integrate the network and program mills to use CAD a few years later. Since then, he has designed and manufactured tooling for foundries world wide. In 2016, Dave decided to pursue additive manufacturing, and founded Rapid Pattern in order to move the foundry tooling into the new age of manufacturing.


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